Scholarship Program

CanRoz Foundation is an non-profit organization (501C3) That is designed to help underprivileged students that can’t afford to go to college receive some form of aid as an assistant to help them reach their dreams. The scholarship will go towards a college of choice for education, barber college or an apprentice program to become a barber / cosmetologist

Who Benefits

This program will assist 12th graders and on up who are apart of the KJ’s family one way or the other. Either Parents, Uncles, or Aunties are part of the membership program under CanRoz Foundation / KJ’s. Or the person applying are members themselves.

The Competition

Depending on the shop which raises the most money will determine which shop gets the most scholarship application entries. Not only being a member will allow you to apply, but each applicant must have a 2.83 GPA or better. The way the scholarships are perceived are by each applicant writing an essay either about why he or she like KJ’s, why they want to become a barber, how will the community benefits from them, and why they want to go to college to name a few. After all entries are viewed from there will be a few recipients who will receive a scholarship. Depending on how much money we raise will determine how many scholarships are given for that particular year. Remember everyone that try are winners already, but if you don’t try you already lost.


All essays will be corrected on spelling, grammar, style, compassion of heart felt message, and there will be a top few that will be chosen by scholarship chairperson. Those top few will then be awaiting a selection of the winner by chairperson and board members.


Again each member will be provided his or her own envelope with their personal identification number on it. This will be so we can track how much each individual donated to our non- profit organization for tax purposes. There are no obligations for how much each member donates because every cent counts.


Start to take applicants by May 1st until May 31th yearly for the scholarship program. All essays will be due by June 10th yearly. We want to be able to provide our first scholarship by July 2008 and every year to come.

To find out how to enroll please contact Joseph Cannon at 510-774-8342

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