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What We Do… And Why We Do It

KJ’s and CanRoz Inc.  works together to give young men and women hope for the future. Our hope is that they will see us doing what we do, and in turn will be inspired to want to do better with themselves. It’s all about keeping a positive attitude and keeping faith in God.

We have been going to different high schools, churches, radio stations, newspaper publishing companies, and other venues to give wisdom in the form of motivational speaking. It’s amazing that even before we open our mouths, we are already a motivation or inspiration to someone who sees what we have accomplished at their age.

We have been on numerous interviews, either by radio, television, magazines, or different newspapers. What good is it to the community and the upcoming generation if CanRoz Inc. just keeps everything balled up inside? It’s not good at all.

CanRoz Inc’s effect in the community is similar to that of a tea bag that changes its environment. When it gets under the degree of fire, it absorbs the water and changes it.

The reason we do what we do is not just because of family, but because the world needs us too. There is too much hurting and killing in our society today. If someone doesn’t start to do something, then who will?

CanRoz Inc. serves as the big brother, sister, mother, or father to people who don’t have one. We are here to give chances to those who think they have no chance left.

CanRoz Inc. also has a nonprofit organization called CanRoz Inc. Foundation. The foundation gives scholarships to the youth that’s on their way to college. Our goal is not just to push our products, but more importantly, to speak to the community and stay positive with praising the Lord (Psalms 1:1-5).

The benefits you get from working with CanRoz Inc. is that you’ll be part of a life-changing company that helps many people locally and, in the future, nationwide. We care for people and just want to create other branches of the tree to continue to be fruitful and multiple. One percent of everyone else’s effort is better than one hundred percent of your own.

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